Hey there. My name is Becky and I am the creator of Look Like a Laywer.

When I started law school, I, like many other students, did not have very much experience working in the professional world. I was great at looking like a student (five years of college will do that to you) but when it came time to shed my steady diet of jeans, converse, and hoop earrings for something a little more grown up, I didn’t really know where to start.

In the last couple years, I’ve worked at an international NGO, a court, two legal services offices and a law firm. Every job had a different dress code and it was hard to tell in advance how to dress appropriately for each one. Now that I have a little bit more experience, I thought I would create a resource for students that started law school in the same situation that I did.

I hope the information provided is helpful. The site is a work in progress so please post any questions or comments you can think of.



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17 06 2008
Mr. GOH!

Actually, this is a request for a run down of recommendations about hair styles, especially facial. What’s acceptable for an interview, one the job, etc. Thanks!

23 06 2008

So the type of hairstyle you can get away with depends on your location, but in general you should try to be as well-groomed as possible. If you are going to an interview, I highly recommend being clean shaven and getting a hair cut if it’s shaggy in any way. A little gel is good, if your hair tends to get cowlicks and the like, but don’t go to heavy on the gel. If you do have facial hair, make sure it is short and evenly trimmed. Hope that helps!

19 02 2012

love it… needs pictures though!

22 02 2012

Pictures are coming soon!

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