Southern Law Firms

19 05 2008

The typical dress code for law firms in the South is business appropriate, although some offices may still be business formal. The business appropriate dress code is somewhere between business casual and business formal. Associates are usually allowed to wear business casual clothing as the situation permits, but for any activity that requires an attorney to be out of the office, a suit is required.

What You Should Wear

For the Ladies. Because the South tends to be more traditional in terms of dress, female attorneys have more leeway to wear feminine clothing, like skirts and dresses, which would not be considered appropriate in other places. I got an insider tip that wrap dresses are very popular. Hosiery is not required for business casual skirts and dresses. Otherwise, it’s back to slacks, collared shirts and sweaters. Shoe choices include pumps, sling-backs, peep toe and open toe shoes.

For the Gentlemen. Men would be well-advised to stick to slacks and a collared shirt or sweater, although it couldn’t hurt to throw in a tie or a jacket once in a while. Men can also wear khakis and polo shirts, but only if the firm has Casual Fridays, and it’s Friday.

What You Should Not Wear

Don’t wear: jeans, shorts, capri pants, sleeveless shirts or athletic wear.




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