Law Firm Summer Events

19 05 2008

The summer at the law firm is one of the greatest experiences that law school has to offer. After spending nine months trapped in the library pouring over case notes and outlines, you get to work an easy schedule, eat delicious, expensive meals and be treated to all of the finest things the city has to offer. You also get more money in one pay check than you’ve ever seen before in your life, although this becomes less exciting when you realize that all that money is going straight back to your school in the form of tuition for the following year. All in all, though, it’s great to be a summer.

Things to keep in mind when dressing for summer events:

First, you should always check the attire before you go. There are a ton of events and they are hard to keep track of, so, much like the boy scouts, you should always be prepared. Also, most events take place right after work, so you will need to plan in advance and bring a change of clothes with you to the office in the morning.

Second, you should look nice no matter what type of event you are going to. Although some events may be less formal than others, any time you are interacting with the lawyers at the firm, they are judging you. In fact, the entire summer is one long period of probation while they decide whether you’re right for a permanent position at the firm. And we have all heard the horror stories about summers who didn’t get offers because of summer events. With that in mind, you should never wear clothes that are dirty, slutty, ripped, stained, offensive, or grungy. Also, you shouldn’t get drunk, take off all your clothes, and jump in a river.

Here are some helpful hints on decoding the “attire” section of an event invitation:

Casual: Jeans! Or kahkis. If an invitation says “casual” though, you should still dress smart casual.

Smart Casual: Not dressed up, but not frumpy. Remember it’s business on the top (blouse, sweater or collared shirt), party on the bottom (jeans or khakis).

Business Casual: Wear your work clothes.

Business Formal: Wear a suit.

Cocktail Attire: Men should wear slacks and a collared shirt. Women should wear a dress or skirt with heels.

Festive Attire: aka themey. It’s kind of like a corporatized costume party, so instead of wearing a grass skirt and coconut bikini, you wear flip flops and sunglasses.

Black Tie Optional: Men should wear a suit or a tuxedo. Women should wear a gown.

Black Tie: Men should wear a tuxedo. Women should wear a gown.




2 responses

21 05 2008
scott the 0L

the way your warning is constructed: “you shouldn’t get drunk, take off your clothes, and jump in a river” gives me hope that any 2 of those things would not be dispositive. As long as I just get drunk and take my clothes off, or get drunk and jump into the river in full vested, I’m good?

22 05 2008

I mean, if you want to be on the safe side, you probably shouldn’t do any of those things. I’m pretty sure nudity of any kind in an office setting is grounds for denying your invitation back to the firm.

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